Fill your days with new kind of adventures with the most viral two wheel electric scooter, yes it is better called balancing scooter. It is fully electric short distance vehicle that can help you reach nearer locations with full of joy. You will surely catch many eyes while you are moving on this scooter as many celebrities have done appearing with it on their social accounts. This one called EPAMD ( ). The specialty of these two wheel electric scooter is that built on Dynamic Stability principle that is a basic principle of Self Balancing works as automatic balance ability of the scooter. It can judge our position of body with in-built precision solid gyroscope. The High-speed central microprocessor instructs the vehicle in a sophisticated way and the battery drives the motor to balance the vehicle. The two wheels self-balancing scooter is a useful vehicle for many commercial and security agencies like Police, Security personnel patrols, it can perform as intelligent robot moving platform. One of the best uses of it shows under the Airports, stadiums, indoor venues, big warehouses and huge shopping centers and industrial parks, factories, greenhouse personal transports to reach quickly even by narrow pathways. It is so loved as personal short distance traveling, for tourist attractions in parks, amusements and playgrounds as well. We have an exclusive series of two wheels self-balancing scooters like for personal use, with ( remote and LED screen that can alert you by alarms for over speed or remaining battery along with optional GPS tracking device, with or without handle and many more. All parts of this exciting small, but intelligent vehicle are designed and built at their best. The motor performs at max power of 700 watts that allow you to run at 10 to 20 km/h, with three to five long years life of lithium battery of 36V you can move this two wheels self-balancing scooter until 15 to 20 km (depends on driving skills and condition of road) after full charge within only one to two hours. This scooter can carry 100 kg weight. So do not wait to grab this amazing scooter now.

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