Check Northwest Airlines often- they're posting many spaliecs all around. Flights are usually via NWA or KLM (their international partner). Helpful hint: try searching for flights to AMS (Amsterdam)- this is usually cheap with northwest/klm and it's really only a few pounds or euros and a few more dollars to hop from the Netherlands to one of London's airports. If you decide to do that, make sure to peruse the list of budget airlines that are posted in the memories section. Ryanair is tops.Summer will be expensive, but here are ways to minimize costs:-Search several airlines-Search for airfare a few times EVERY day (yes, prices fluctuate this much)-Try to leave travel for wednesdays. I've found this to be the absolute cheapest day to travel. Tues-Thurs generally good, Mondays are okay, Fri-Sun pretty darn $.-Know your hubs! Airlines flying to/from hubs tend to run the best fare prices and spaliecs. British Airways hubs at one of the London airports (maybe heathrow- LHR), KLM at Amsterdam, etc.-With the budget airlines being dirt cheap, all you need to do is find the cheapest flight to the western part of Europe. For a minimal cost (and I mean minimal!) you can usually fly out to your intended city for much cheaper than a direct flight there from the US (or other country).Hope this helps! [url=]deowndlety[/url] [link=]qnvnrzrdp[/link]

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